MIAMI – A hotelier launching its brand for the first time in a new country can be faced with many challenges. One issue for executives who are not regularly onsite is the development and consistent monitoring of their information technology system to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency.

Atton Hotels, which currently operates properties in Chile, Santiago, Concepcion, Lima, Bogota and Medellin opened their first U.S. outpost earlier this month in the Brickell area of Miami. Managing IT systems of the $65 million project while 4,000 miles away would be a daunting task for any company. To overcome this challenge, Atton Hotels appointed Unified Technologies to oversee and manage the hotel’s IT infrastructure rollout.

Based on their proven track record for superior customer service and in-­‐depth knowledge of what is necessary to design and maintain a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art hotel IT system, Unified Technologies was selected not just as a one-­‐time vendor, but also a long term partner that will monitor the property’s IT systems throughout their lifecycle.

“During the design phase of the project, we worked remotely with the Atton group to assess a variety of variables that include the type of guests who will be staying at the hotel and what their needs are. We also consider variables like how they process credit cards; will there be a rewards program; and what future Atton projects are in the works in the region so that systems can be expanded to communicate together,” said Gerardo Bassett, VP of Advanced Technologies at Unified Technologies. “We then mapped out the proposed project specifications prior to meeting with Atton so that through a simple teleconference they were able to sign off and we went to work.”

In addition to handling the many solution elements that Unified Technologies provides in-­‐house, such as servers and storage, UT also managed all of the other technology vendors to ensure consistency, maintain budgets and manage the complete project. Unified Technologies also oversaw all IT elements from security, elevator synchronization and food & beverage service needs.

Overlooking Simpson Park, the Atton Hotel provides unobstructed views in an area on the Southern tip of Brickell. The idea is that the property is close to the financial district and just outside the entertainment area, which will hopefully attract business travelers who will enjoy its rooftop pool bar & lounge and full-­‐service Peruvian restaurant. These elements, combined with a bit of Latin charm and state-­‐ of-­‐the-­‐art technology maintained by Unified Technologies, will hopefully make for a desirable hotel that stands out from competition.

“We are honored to assist Atton Hotels in selecting, implementing and managing their best of breed hotel solutions and look forward to enabling them to see the same results in any subsequent properties they build in the Americas” said Tony Silva President and CEO of Unified Technologies.


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