World Class & Co-Managed Cyber Security-as-a-Service

Unified Technologies uses a very unique Co-Managed approach to Cyber Security and Managed Network and System services, which are delivered as a Service by our SOC-2 certified world class engineers and analysts and enhanced with innovative and actionable security intelligence. The end result is much better ROI and much more peace of mind. Working shoulder to shoulder with your security team we become an integrated extension of your security resources, and our tools and methods become part of your toolkit and procedures. With Unified Technologies as your partner, we jointly enable your company to achieve an enhanced secure environment, without the enormous initial capital outlay and recurring incremental costs necessary to build a world class SOC on your own.

How we differ from other providers is by establishing Co-Managed Cyber Security Services.

Traditional managed security engagements provide outsourced services lacking strong collaboration with your staff, effectively removing those with the deepest knowledge of your companys operations and needs. Perpetuating the reliance on third party contractors and offshore resources that may introduce threats themselves. Our approach is based on integrated seamless collaborative customer engagement and operation. We pride ourselves in having known and vetted team members that have been with us for years and are well known in local and national industry circles. When we add personnel, we augment with referred candidates who are monitored and shadowed by our tenured managers. This process ensures that you get the highest standard of quality, consistency and effectiveness across all our services.

Unified Technologies process starts by analyzing the following ten domains to assess your enterprises networks, information, workflow and systems to understand your current cybersecurity position versus an ideal posture:

  • Risk Management Regime
  • Secure Configuration
  • Network Security
  • Manage User Privileges
  • User Education & Awareness
  • Incident Response
  • Malware Protection
  • Monitoring
  • Removeable Media Controls
  • Home & Mobile Working

Our Co-Managed approach identifies and fills in gaps from a cyber risk and capabilities perspective. We customize our integrated service and support programs by bringing together industry leading IT security tools and highly trained subject matter experts to create a world class Security-as-a-Service model for you. Our Co-Managed approach also leverages working shoulder to shoulder with your security team ensures we augment and enhance youre your teams capabilities, infrastructure, procedures and tools to meet existing and emerging security threats. By taking this approach, we jointly create a world class defensive and offensive landscape of counter measures and monitoring capabilities.

Interested in learning more about our Co-Managed Cyber Security-as-a-Service? Were happy to offer a one-on-one call or come out and visit you to share some of our insights with your IT team.

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