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A well, recognized legal firm was trying to consolidate all their data to make it easily searchable by everyone in the company. The information was mainly in one of three forms: paper-based data, mainframe or host system data and PC-generated data.


Access to the information in the firms document base affects each departments performance, and as the document base got larger, the greater the need was for document imaging, filing, and setting up the work flow so that everything would get stored in a way that would make the information readily available and shareable.


In order to improve overall productivity of the firm, it was necessary to streamline the document management efforts and reduce the time to file and retrieve documents. Our document distribution solutions enabled the transformation of multistep manual discovery processes such as sending documents to attorneys or other professionals at the same law firm or professional firm (i.e., accountants), opposing counsel, and clients, into custom one-touch buttons. We also provided integrated solutions for converting hard copy documents into electronic files for editing: enabling case files to be distributed via fax, email, enabled for encrypted delivery, or integrated into some of the most commonly used document management systems. Plus, indexing information was included to integrate documents into a case management system.


Once a centralized document delivery hub was created, the system provided tamper resistant document delivery and receipt, as well as encrypted and certified delivery options. It delivered convenient access to case information, enhanced productivity with faster document retrieval from any workstation, improved the consistency and organization of the firms critical documents, and secured content to protect confidential information and prevent unauthorized access.