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From legal to education to hospitality, Unified Technologies' custom IT solutions are made to leverage your comany's strength and maximize capabilities, to ultimately deliver the very best outcome. Together with our strategic partner's we work innovatively hand-in-hand to:


A leading healthcare provider in South Florida, with over nine healthcare facilities, required a network that would grow with its expanding business needs. They needed a fast, dependable, and secure network, with sufficient storage, that would be accessible to both their patients and customers.


Develop a network that could be expanded to address growth, security, and speed concerns. It also needed to provide a centralized location for collecting information through a Data Center that would give users access to all healthcare facilities.


Along with Gardner Quadrant industry leading solutions in Networking, Security, Storage and Virtualization, we were able to architect a secure, user-friendly 10G Network with expansion of up to 40G throughput, to be high availability, while minimizing a single point of failure.


After virtualizing the entire network, the healthcare provider now has a fully reliable, secured and highly available 10G network with growth up to a 40G network. They are also able to compress storage space by 32%, providing more growth than originally anticipated.
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